DALLAS, TX INFOMART - 866 • 510 • 5799


          Different companies provide different services, although most mirror one another when it comes to the basics such as colocation or hosting. We feel we stand apart from the crowd when it comes to products, services, and even the people who work for us. What makes us different?

  • World Class Technical Support - With our 24 hour support staff, we focus on stability. Our uptime is your uptime, and we are always striving for both perfection and customer satisfaction.
  • Robust Datacenter - Our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art datacenter was designed with the customer in mind. Backup power is supplied by over 300kva of UPS battery power. Our location is fed by 3 seperate power grids.
  • Customer Focused Team - From the top down, our company consists of accredited network and system engineers. The technical and customer focus of our team assures that you know that there are knowledged professionals working with your equipment.

  • All of this works in synergy for you, the customer. The most important part of what we do.