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Our Network

          The most important goals for our services are speed and reliability. With this in mind, we've designed our network from the ground up to use only the highest quality hardware and software.

          We utilize the best in switching technology, capable of forwarding packets to their destinations swiftly and reliably. Ours is a 100% Cisco infrastructure; we offer dependable data transfer to enable you to meet almost any need. Cisco hardware is the de facto standard for Internet engineering, and one of the largest names for true network reliability.

          We wire our secured cabinets entirely with Plenum category 5e cable, which provides a strong signal, and isn't prone to attenuation or crosstalk, which can cause dropped packets and lower throughput.

          Our high-capacity core routers ensure that there are no bottlenecks anywhere along the line. With multi-gigabit capabilities and an accelerated routing architecture, we offer incredible load handling, as well as extensive scalability, such that we can meet the needs of today, and the rapidly growing demands of the future.

          Our systems are monitored around the clock in a variety of ways by our qualified Network Operations staff, so that any problems that might arise are detected immediately, and solutions can be deployed quickly and efficiently.