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          Colocation is the renting of data facility space for the purpose of housing server / telecommunications equipment and accessing bandwidth connections to the Internet or a private data network. For example, a web site owner would place his or her web server in a colocation facility, renting both rack space and a bandwidth connection to the Internet. This provides the site owner a rentable data facility and connectivity solution.

          Colocation is the ideal solution if you already have a server, or you need to run highly customized hardware or software. We provide you with individualized rack space in our NOC (Network Operations Center) connected to our fast and reliable Network.

          Colocation is not the best choice for inexperienced webmasters who require extensive customer care. Colocation is an industrial-grade option best suited for professional content distributors with extensive IT skills in server deployment and administration. For less experienced webmaster the Dedicated Server Packages offer more support, pre-loaded configuration and control software, and update options.

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